Executive Coaching 121

Executive Coaching 121

The biggest challenge for leaders is managing their emotional reactions in tough situations and avoiding ‘the hook’. We offer insights, tools and structured conversations to help leaders respond in ways consistent with their intentions and the leadership impact they want to achieve. Sometimes leaders just need an external sounding board, where they can explore their leadership safely without judgement. The ultimate aim is to support and challenge people to grow as a leader. 121 coaching typically takes place in a confidential and informal setting.

Team Coaching

We support team members to be more trusting of one another. All teams have some dysfunction. It’s how we deal with it that matters. We all see things differently. With so many different perceptions in a team, is it any wonder there are differences at times! We guide teams through simple steps to be stronger together and create trusting relationships that last. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not always easy. Our expertise is here to help.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Pairs Coaching

Sometimes it is the relationship in between two people which could benefit from a skilled nudge. Perhaps both are ‘hooking’ each other and have become stuck in the cycle of defending and becoming defensive. This is normal in today’s high stress environments. Unblocking these interpersonal impasses helps get the relationship back to high functioning. Coaching typically takes place in pairs in a confidential and informal setting, where both people get to step back and take a fresh perspective on their relationship, with the gentle guidance of a coach.