About Winning Leadership


Winning Leadership is a niche consultancy with a reputation for its deeply transformative approach to leadership development.

Philosophy & Approach

"There are leaders, and there are those who lead."    Simon Sinek



Everyone is different and unique, yet there are similar flaws in leadership we can all succumb to.  Our listening can become clouded and mechanical, our beliefs in our own realities can become too robust, we can become defensive and ultimately our leadership can loose it’s power.. to create followership.  Our philosophy at Winning Leadership is that every leader already has the resources to succeed.  Our role is to create conversations that help the leader to get back on course and re-assume full responsibility for the choices they make.    We know leadership is increasingly tiring in today’s environment, and so a large part of our training and coaching creates space for a leader to relax and think, and get feedback on their style and approach before they re-engage.


We bring together the latest thinking in emerging psychologies (EST, Gestalt, NLP, Bioenergetics) and Neuroscience, and blend them with expert facilitation that inspires confidence at an individual level to open up to possibilities of change as a leader.  We offer alternative thinking which delegates use to strengthen their purpose and commitments, both to themselves and the enterprises they work with.

Winning Leadership brings together theories from EST, Bioenergetics, NLP and with our experts facilitation, the results are extraordinary.  Wining Leadership Consultancy is owned and run by Fergal McDonnell.

Our Impact

"A problem only exists in the absence of the right conversation."    Werner Erhart


Our Impact

There are many consultancies in the market selling personality frameworks.  At Winning Leadership, we go deeper.  Our impact lasts long after the psychometric insights have worn off.  Our models and frameworks draw on the latest research, yet we offer these lightly to the leaders we work with.  Learning or believing in models does not change a leaders’ behaviour.  They become tired of the ‘tips and techniques’ approach as they attend more and more seminars.  Our impact is in creating the environment and dialogue where a leader chooses to change.  This kind of change lasts.


Our Belief

We believe everyone has the capability to lead, and if they connect their behaviour to their core purpose and commitment, others will follow. We believe leadership development has to be holistic, impacting the whole person rather than looking at a few capabilities. This has lasting impact.

Winning Leadership provide leadership training for team workshops and executive coaching with a difference. Fergal McDonnell, a Leadership Trainer, runs and owns Winning Leadership.