The Art of Leadership

This is a 3 day open programme for any leader who would like to develop their leadership impact and influencing skills. Delegates have been transformed by the way the course enables new ways of understanding themselves and others, which has radically impacted their leadership. 

Being a leader requires a deep understanding of humans, what motivates them and what switches them off.  The Art of Leadership will broaden leaders' perspectives and train them in a human layers model that will revolutionise the way they approach conversations with different people.

Leaders motivate and inspire others to think more, to perform better and to grow.  It's a tough and sometimes lonely role, where the leader must keep searching for ways to lead better.  This search best starts within.  What does a leader understand about their own impact, and more importantly, what do they choose to do with that understanding?  They can use the output of psychometrics to explain themselves to others... "this is the way I am",  and demand that others accommodate their weaknesses.  Or, they can choose to grow, taking full responsibility for their weaknesses and developing themselves and their character.  That is Leadership.

Art of Leadership programme creates the space for leaders to untangle from the politics and dramas of their organisations for a moment.  To examine their own behaviours and perspectives without judgement and to avail of the kind and generous insights of fellow delegates as they too embark on their journey of growth.  Day 1: offers alternative insights to help leaders challenge their own, often locked-in perspectives on the world around them. Day 2: brings an innovative and inspirational model of what it is to be human: our personalities.  Leaders discover they already have tools to handle different people, but often treat their own blind spots as a problem in the other person. The Winning Leadership personality model helps leaders understand how to have powerful relationships with everyone.  Day 3: brings the leader to examine their core purpose, their deep commitment that causes others to follow.

Delegates will learn how to:

- Understand their unique contribution as a leader and the shadows that come    with that

- Motivate anyone, regardless of their personality

- Frame their communication to maximum impact

- Influence others magically

- Lead with authenticity and call up others commitment

The programme will be facilitated by Fergal McDonnell, Director, Winning Leadership Consulting, and Maggie Ellis, Trainer and Executive Coach  


Winning Leadership provide leadership training and team workshops and executive coaching in a unique way.
Location:  The Royal Berkshire Hotel, London Road, Sunninghill, Ascot, SL5 0PP

Fees:  3 day Programme: 1,995 GBP (excluding accommodation)

Dates:  Spring 2017.

Availability:  Yes (spaces limited to 10)

Contact us if you think this programme might be right for you or someone you know.
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An excellent, deeply thought-provoking programme.  A must for any organisation with a commitment to staff development”.

Caroline Bechelet-Carter, Lecturer in Faculty of Health Sciences and Coaching at University of Southampton

“The programme broadened my perspective more than I could have imagined.  It could potentially change your life!”.

Alex Pritchard, Senior Recruitment Manager, Cote Brasserie Restaurants

"Great to get some time with leaders outside my organisation.  The trainers provided a safe and comfortable environment which helped us all be very open”.
Eileen Cronin, Regional Manager, Argos plc

 “The programme provided a wide range of tools that will stick with me, not just to be forgotten days later, and will make a big difference to me in managing others”.

Jerry Field, COE

"If you want to behave differently and widen your impact in an organisation to do things differently for a different result, go on this programme - Winning Leadership programmes are more provoking to drive change than anything I have experienced before in 24 years."

Gary Matthews, Sales Director, Retail - Ideal Standard UK

“Lot’s of energy, lots of inspiration, lot’s of ideas.. absolutely loved it!”

Letizia Martini, Supply Chain Director Italy, ISI